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Diagnostic Reagents



We develop valuable diagnostic reagents to support the continuously progressing medical fields

Diagnostic reagents that gather expectations to achieve the prevention or early detection and treatment of diseases.
The Diagnostic Reagents Division of FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation is invoided in research, development and production of various products, ranging from diagnostic reagents for cancer,
Lifestyle-related diseases and infections to those for cutting-edge fields that support the future of medicine, contributing to improvement in the quality of medicine.

Biochemical test reagents Hormone and tumor marker test reagents Blood transfusion test reagents Infectious diseases test reagents
Allergy test reagents Blood coagulation test reagents Urine test reagents Fecal occult blood test reagents

A total solution supplier

As a comprehensive manufacturer of diagnostic reagents, we not only develop a wide range of diagnostic reagents that meet customer needs, but also provide total support related to clinical testing, and are working toward solutions to various problems in medical fields.

Comprehensive proposal for testing and management systems in medical practice

The important issues in clinical testing departments of hospitals are the introduction of appropriate analytic instruments, quick testing and collaboration with other departments. We actively develop comprehensive proposals for the development of integrated systems of reagents and testing equipment, and management systems.

Continuous development of high-value products with FUJIFILM Wako’s unique technology

Many products have originated from our advanced and unique technologies.
Tumor markers, AFP-L3 and PIVKA-II tests, are used for an aid in the risk assessment for development of liver cancer. (1→3)-β-D-glucan test plays a key role in diagnosis of deep fungal infection and decision making for treatment.
We must keep a close eye on future development of high-value products.

State-of−the-art plant and high-quality management

The Mie Komono Plant was drastically automated in 2014 to provide a stable supply of infectious diseases test reagents,which require particularly high levels of quality control.

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